aschedjidoi (aschedjidoi) wrote in teeth_like_whoa,

Freak o' nature


Here's the dealio, one of my teeth started growing a sort of second head... It was visible in x-rays when I was about 12. It grew enough to erupt from the gums around 15-16ish. I'm 20 now, and it has continued to grow. It's not terribly huge, but it has pushed my teeth around (I had naturally freaking straight teeth, so this kind of bothers me). It's starting to put pressure on the teeth around it in a painful way... I don't really want to go through oral surgery, because then I'll be left with all sorts of gaps...

(Uh, what would you guys do?)

Secondly, I cannot find a name for this anywhere, nor an accurate description... Or any sort of photograph at all of anyone else having this. I've looked all over the internets, and I have found nothing... I figured I should try here, and see if anyone knows anything. (Which also raises another problem. If it's unique, then I imagine it would be hard to fix... As the dentist would have no experience in fixing these sorts of things. I'd rather not have my teeth screwed up.)

It's... Like my tooth grew a limb, or a second head, or something of that nature. It's not any sort of cusp, because it's far too developed. I've simply been saying that I have 32.5 teeth. *Shrug*

Anyone know anything about this?
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