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for tomorrow may rain, so, i'll follow the sun.

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Hey, I'm not too sure how active this community is, but I have a couple questions regarding dental school. I currently work in a dental office right now with my dentist whom I've known my entire life. I love it there and the people definitely know what they are doing, but I feel that they are a bit behind the times on the knowhow about dental school, employment & education needed, especially since one of the dental hygienist didn't even go to college!

I'm a freshman at a community college, but after another year I am planning on transferring and getting my bachelors in general biology at a 4 year school. Has anyone ever heard of someone getting their associates in dental assisting/dental hygiene first, then go transfer to the 4 year school to finish up 2-3 years, and then continue to dental school? I don't want to take out loans, and I feel by doing this I could be very self sufficient, as well as making progress even before I even get into dental school. And another thing, is general biology even specific enough? Should I do something more competitive like Bio chemistry?

Any help would be so much help! Thank you!
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